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    Tuesday, November 29, 2016

    Best Anti Theft Android App - Cerberus

    Now a days, everyone want to have a smartphone in their hands and after getting one they always have a fear of losing it. Like in most of countries in world, stealing of phones is not so uncommon.  Also, when you lose your phone, only your luck can give it back to you as Policemen have a lot of serious things to do rather than finding your Phone. But, why do we need to try our luck when we can prepare for such mishappening.  There are lot of apps available in the Android Play Store that claims to make your phone Theft Protected. But most of them are surrounded by a lot of bugs or they don’t work as developer claim. An app called Cerberus is also available in the Android Market that claims to be the same. 

    Below are the main actions that you can perform after losing your phone (via cerberusapp.com):
    • Lock the stolen phone ( with any code) if it is not locked.
    • Unlock the stolen phone if it is already locked with any other application or default lock.
    • Start police alarm on your phone with any message that you want to display on screen.
    • Display any message for any time you want (also make computer voice to read it)
    • Get Device info including SIM card subscriber id, operator & serial.
    • Get location history of phone for last two days (stores location whenever GPS is turned ON)
    • Call any number or Send an SMS to any number you want from your lost phone. Get call log & SMS log.
    • Record and Listen audio clip of upto 300 sec. from Lost phone.
    • Take Picture immediately from front or primary camera. (Or take picture whenever screen is touched)
    • Record a Video upto 30 sec. immediately or trick the thief by showing him these two pictures while video recording.

    Get The App From Here

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