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    Wednesday, January 4, 2017

    App Review - Any DO

    A To-Do-List is necessary for most of us whether we're at home or at work. There are a number of iPhone and Android apps available for it as well.  Here's one more that's added to that list called Any.DO which might attract you with its user-friendly interface and that you may never have to miss that important phone call or an appointment.

    anydo-tasks.jpgAny.DO has a clean UI that looks slick and feels quite beautiful. Once you've installed and clicked on the app, there's a simple walkthrough explaining a few features of the app. The app comes in two colour schemes, white and black and is very easy to use. The home screen of the app has a task entry textbox on the top that has a predictive text feature and also accepts Voice input. The Voice input works well as long as you speak clearly. You can  sort your tasks By Date, By Folder or By Priority. 

    Sorting tasks by date gives you 4 options: Today, Tomorrow, This Week and Later. Once you've entered a task, you can simply drag it into the appropriate folder. By folder allows you to separate tasks as Personal or Work and By Priority gives you Urgent and Rush as 2 options. You can accordingly schedule your tasks by just tapping on them. This reveals a small menu bar listing your Reminder, Priority, Folder, Notes and Share options. 

    anydo-sort.jpgOnce you've completed a task, simply swipe over it and it will be striked out. You can also clear all your tasks at once by shaking your phone.

    The app is also available as a widget for the home screen. You can customise your widget from four main options: Any.DO Basic, Any.DO Compact, Any.DO Grande and Any.DO Halfling. All have the basic features of typing and scheduling your tasks. The Compact one-row widget is apt for your screen if you don't want the widget to take up extra screen space. 

    The app also automatically sets back-ups for your data as you're using it. As and when you're adding or completing tasks, the app backs it up till that moment. When you hit restore, it takes you back to that particular time of your to-do-list. For instance, if it's the previous 2 minutes of your back-up, a cool message pops-up on the bottom of the screen saying "It's 2 minutes all over again!"

    anydo-widget.jpgAnother great feature of the app is that you can back-it up on the cloud. You can sync it with Google Tasks via Gmail. The app can also be shared amongst family and friends and you get a notified when a shared task gets updated.

    To sum it up, Any.Do is currently available for Andorid but will soon go cross platform with an iOS and webapp version on the horizon . It's free, extremely simple to use and has a fresh appeal to it. This one's surely worth a try.

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