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    Monday, July 17, 2017

    Best App to Find Stolen Mobiles

    Smartphones have moved from being a luxury to becoming a necessity. People spend thousands on this hub of personal and professional data, which in the wrong hands could spell doom. So, what do you do if someone has stolen your 
    expensive Android smartphone or the battery is dead and you have misplaced it. 

    High-end Android smartphones come with the encryption option which ensures that an unauthorised SIM cannot be used on the device. By enabling the encryption option, one will need a password before using any other SIM on the device. Besides, there are several apps, which provide further assistance in tracking down your misplaced or stolen smartphone. Let's take a quick look at some really handy apps.

    This App Watch and Monitor the undesirable and sudden the change of the sim card and advise the client by means of SMS, for example, the new Sim card Number,IMEI, and longitude and scope to enable the client to discover who has changed the sim,the area of telephone through google outline the IMEI of telephone 


    1-Simple and inviting client 

    2-watchword secured 

    3-setting segment for indicate the outsider PDA number and custom message 

    4-Test SMS Sending 

    5-Test Current Location Sending 

    6-inform the client after Sim Card Changing in reboot telephone before even the Lock Pattern 

    7-got the Location of mobile phone by means of sms and Showing the exact area by means of Google Map 

    8-discover area through Cell telephone operator(BTS Tower) without need to GPS or Internet 

    pls take note of that for area you should empower the entrance to area in setting of the telephone

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