Wednesday, June 27, 2018

AlienVault | Unified Security for Threat Detection


EventLog Analyzer is the cost-effective Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution is accessible in the marketplace.  Log aggregation from heterogeneous sources, log forensics, event correlation, real-time alerting, file integrity monitoring, log analysis, Compliance, user activity monitoring and object access auditing and many more Security Information and Event Management capabilities are done by AlienVault. Unified Security threat detection and psychoanalysis simplifies by AlienVault.


AlienVault USM provides the five essential security capabilities like as unified, Coordinated Security Monitoring, Simple Security Event Management and Reporting, Continuous Threat Intelligence, Fast Deployment, Multiple Security Functions without Multiple Consoles.

EventLog Analyzer

These products are helpful for the record the security data and generate reports for acquiescence purposes. They provide network hardware and real-time analysis of security alerts originated by applications. Network IDS, Host-based IDS, and Wireless IDS three types of threat detection technologies are integrated into the alien vault. It’s built-in network intrusion recognition technologies. There is no need to integrate third-party IDS sources, and not only that here we are provided the full information regarding the EventLog Analyze.

Components/ elements of alien vault

There are various components of EventLog analyze.

1. Data aggregation

Event Log Analyzer aggregates logs from various sources like as Windows systems, Unix/Linux systems, Applications, Databases, Routers, and Switches at a central place.

2. Correlation and Alerting

Correlation of events and production of alerts in real-time allows network and it is very helpful to keep their network from threats and also secure from terrorization. It covers user access, user logins, file integrity, user creation, group policies, unintended software installations and more

3. Dashboards

It is easy to understand charts, graphs, and reports through the alien vault. Users can easily drill down through log data shown on the dashboard.

4. Object access auditing

You can get the information regarding the file and folder - who accessed them, deleted them, edited them, moved them, where the files and folders went, etc. EventLog Analyzer provides object access reports in user.

5. Compliance

6. Retention

7. Forensic analysis

It is most helpful for the record the security data and generates reports for acquiescence purposes and these products are also used to log security data as well as generate reports.

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It has never been uncomplicated to Threat detection and incident response. As you must be know how you can use AlienVault USM™ to get the visibility.

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