Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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At present, Panorama9 is only available for Windows apparatus. At present, the corporation is working on an agent for Macs and its version is 2.6.9. Sets of reports on inventory on hardware, software, and users are offered by ParaNoma9. It is founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs Allan Thorvaldsen. Panorama9 ($1.50 per user per month; free available) offers various administrators real-time tracking on company assets, availability, security vulnerabilities, and compliance.


  • You can at a glimpse with this device.
  • See security threats
  • See available devices and services
  • If a policy is broken then get the notification
  • Get a whole asset administration overview

Panorama9 is only obtainable for Windows machines it means you can be ignored Macs and Linux boxes. There are different routes you can take — the free and popular Spiceworks or the open source Nagios or the proprietary GFI Max when you're choosing a monitoring tool. Another option is Panorama9, which focuses mostly on the enterprise level and it offers various features like as -Easy remote control of machines, Network monitoring/mapping, Text/email notifications, Reports, User management, License management, Patch management, Hardware inventory and Server monitoring and so on.


Name of organization- a private company
Industry - IT management, Network management
Founded- 2010
Founder- Allan Thorvaldsen (CEO).
Official website – Panorama9

Para Noma9 offers a compliance audit, patch management, availability monitoring, and inventory tracking through a single "pane of glass" via its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Administrators can get remote control of machines, create network maps, monitor all the systems in a network, receive text or email notifications when something goes wrong, generate reports reflecting network status, manage users, keep track of licenses being used within the organization, patch management, and track hardware assets through the assist of Para Noma9.

The various features are available for the type of subscription plan and consumer select and only one user is available for the free version and the free version has limited features, supporting vulnerability and availability monitoring and compliance and asset management. The "Small" plan ($0.89 per device per month) has all capabilities in the free versions and also supports the users and as well as the ability to monitor three Websites. 

The "Regular" plan ($1.50 per device per month) has also supported the unlimited numbers of users, same capabilities as the free version, unlimited number of Websites, a network map to see all the monitored devices, the ability to generate reports and receive email and SMS. All the information is related to the organization is automatically gathered and rolled up in a high-level overview. Administrators can easily drill down to find the exact issue and the actual machine.

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